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File Gateway

Windows-application for automation of electronic document management (EDI).

Desktop application
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The first release is 1 month away

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7 people participated in the development

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We support it since 2014

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More than 58 app updates

Key development results

/ 1

Automation of document flow between the Desktop application and the Web services of the NSD EDO and the Moscow Exchange

/ 2

Signature and encryption of electronic messages using GOST and RSA cryptographic providers

/ 3

Ensuring application performance by automatically maintaining a small database size (archiving).

/ 4

Multithreaded architecture

/ 5

Visualization of information from the database in the form of tables

Technology Stack

  • .NET Framework
  • WPF
  • SQLite
  • GOST and RSA Cryptoprovider (based on Validate software)