Development of technical specifications

We develop documentation for future projects



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We conclude an NDA (optional)

We conclude a non-disclosure agreement. This means that information about your project will remain between us. This stage involves: sales manager and project manager


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Developing the technical specification

The development of technical specifications begins with the collection of information on the product and the formulation of customer requirements. Each item in the TK is agreed with the customer at all stages of work. Then we make a prototype of the document, after which we can get an idea of the document being prepared


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The document is checked by the customer, edits are agreed. Taking into account the edits, the final version of the TK is being prepared. Based on the developed document, you will be able to calculate the budget and deadlines for the implementation of the project

With the help of technical task, you can

  • Evaluate the idea of development
  • Predict the cost and timing of product development
  • Exclude dishonesty of execution, since all implementation inconsistencies are easy to identify with the help of TK
  • Competently plan resources and get guaranteed results
  • Get a product that meets your expectations