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Software product management system.

Web application
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The first release is 9 months away

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5 people participated in the development

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We support it since 2019

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Over 40 updates have been released

Key development results

/ 1

Software version control

/ 2

Delivery of software updates

/ 3

Collecting statistics on software usage: the number of unique users, the number of downloads and installations of different software versions

/ 4

Manage user licenses: configure the usage period, available components, and license type (trial or full).)

/ 5

Encryption of license files to protect against software hacking

/ 6

User management: available licenses, user information

/ 7

Implementation of the referral system

/ 8

Collecting information about user sessions in real time

/ 9

Collecting the characteristics of the devices on which the software is installed: OS version, technical parameters, device location

/ 10

Collecting information on orders: order composition, payment status

/ 11

Integration with payment systems: PayPal, CloudPayments, Paymentwall

/ 12

Integration with the MailChimp mailing service

Technology Stack


  • ASP.NET Core MVC
  • C#
  • MongoDB


  • Blazor
  • JavaScript