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RTS Board

RTS Board over-the-counter transaction System.

Web application
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6 months to release

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7 people participated in the development

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We support it since 2014

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Agile Development Methodology

Key development results

/ 1

Trading operations: placing quotes, making deals, viewing the status of quotes

/ 2

Quote Board

/ 3

Quote book: aggregation by price levels, detailed list of quotes

/ 4

Displaying information in the Trader's interface on market transactions, own quotes

/ 5

Displaying information in the Back Officer interface on contracts and their operations, customer directory, accounts, settlement schemes, agreements

/ 6

Back office: registration, establishment and agreement of contracts, viewing of transaction statuses, confirmation of netting

/ 7

Middle office: managing limits, settlement schemes, master agreements, creating cross-deals

/ 8

Manage users, user roles, and certificates

/ 9

Formation of an electronic signature using the CryptoPro CryptoPro provider

/ 10

Auto-forms for XSD-generated messages

/ 11

Import xml messages into the system.

/ 12

Two-way editing of transaction terms

/ 13

Custom Chat

Technology Stack


  • .NET Framework
  • SQL Server
  • Signal R
  • C#


  • Angular
  • React