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WBI Fund

A platform for finding investments in projects.

Web application
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5 months to release

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7 people participated in the development

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We support it since 2019

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Agile Development Methodology

Key development results

/ 1

Submission of applications from legal entities to join the platform

/ 2

Managing company profiles from the back office: editing data, confirming registration, invoicing for access to the platform

/ 3

Design of company profiles: general information, statistics on the company's finances, planned projects

/ 4

Project management of companies from the back office: editing data, confirming the publication of the project

/ 5

Adding company representative accounts, assigning an employee role

/ 6

Full-text search for companies and projects on the platform

/ 7

Submission and processing of applications for participation in projects

/ 8

Notification system for changing the status of a project in which the company participates

/ 9

Notification system for company data changes: adding representatives, editing data, adding projects

/ 10

Custom chat for personal and group correspondence

/ 11

Integration with OpenStreetMap to display companies and their projects on the map

/ 12

Creating articles through the back office: writing articles, attaching files

Technology Stack


  • .NET Core 2.1


  • TypeScript
  • React