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For traders, fund managers, and developers of automated trading systems, we offer a range of our products that will make it easier to perform their daily tasks.



OptionWorkshop — it is a tool that makes it easier to work with futures and options portfolios in the market FORTS. The product has all the tools necessary for portfolio analysis and modeling: splitting positions into [accounts → underlying assets → strategies], integration with QUIK and Plaza II, bid placement, parked bids, graphical strategy comparison, various what-if scenarios. You can download the trial version at download page , a get acquainted with the prices in in the licensing section .

Options MarketMaker

Embedded module for the program OptionWorkshop , allows you to automate the actions of the market maker on option contracts. Simultaneous quoting of any number of contracts, setting the spread in terms of price and volatility, the ability to keep one-sided quotes, quoting at a given volatility, midmarket bias when making transactions, limiting positions, localization of market maker positions in a separate strategy, etc. Learn more .

Delta Hedger

Встраиваемый модуль для OptionWorkshop . Learn more Options MarketMaker Allows you to maintain the delta of an individual strategy at a given level with a given accuracy. Simultaneously works on any number of strategies of any number of underlying assets. Independent hedging of different strategies on the same account. Simultaneous collaboration with Learn more .

Online OptionWorkshop

< b>Online OptionWorkshop - The online product has all the tools necessary for analyzing and modeling portfolios: splitting positions, etc.