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Bear Call Spread

Bear Call Spread. An alternative name is Credit Call Spread. Bearish position. It is a vertical spread involving an equal number of long and short calls on the same underlying asset and with the same expiration date. It is a credit spread, which means you receive money to put on the position. The strategy profits as long as the price of the underlying security remains below the breakeven point.

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Straddle. An alternative name is Long Straddle. Neutral position. It is a combination involving an equal number of long puts and long calls at the same strike price and the same expiration date. It is a debit combination, which means you must pay to put on the position. Buy to open one at-the-money (ATM) call and simultaneously buy to open one ATM put.

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Vertical Bull Debit Call Spread

Strategy name and alternative names Vertical bull debit call spread. An alternative shorter name is bull call spread. Main characteristics Moderately bullish. It is a vertical spread, which means it involves two or more options at different strike prices with the same expiration date.

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Option Workshop, version 16.10.1194

In our new version, we have added several improvements by request from our users, and fixed some interface bugs, the DDE export bugs etc. The new version can already be downloaded from our website or through the update system.

Modelling a naked call position

Small intro about how-tos We often hear the rebuke that our documentation is much too dry and much too technical. With this blog we’re going to breath in some personality into our public material. We’ll do this by examining some concrete use examples and describing how to solve them using our software.