Option Workshop, version 19.2.1808

We have released a new version of Option Workshop. The main changes are focused around the FOS (Futures Orders Stairs) feature.

Redesigned FOS

We've rewritten it from scratch. Documentation hasn't been updated yet, thus, a brief description of what's been changed is laid out below.

In the previous implementation, FOS only allowed working with generated grid, which was symmetrical around the market price of an underlying instrument. It didn't allow users to change the grid manually.

In the new version:

  1. Users can generate a grid using a flexible set of parameters
  2. The generated grid can be moved up or down. Thus users are able to adjust it to market
  3. Users can change the price value of any node
  4. Users can add and remove grid nodes manually
  5. For each node on the grid, users can specify an operation with futures, which must be performed when the node is crossed by price upside down or in the opposite direction.


Fixed UI performance problem when using custom volatility models and opening volatility skew charts.

Telegram Bot

Several improvements on stability and data formatting.


Fixed a rare case when the software was unable to reconnect after connection loss with CQG backend.


Updated embedded Teamviewer to the latest version. This is used for remote support.