January OptionWorkshop updates ❄️

Lots of improvements last month! We optimized charts, updated the connectors’ status bar, fixed user bugs, and much more.


  • Optimized the volatility curve graph:

    • Removed white border from markers.
    • Filtered spikes.
    • Optimized vertical axis auto-zoom.
  • Added a button for invoking the What-If manager to scenario selectors. A button for invoking the What-If manager

  • Added the ability to use periods and commas in the names of strategies. Periods and commas in the names of strategies

  • Refactored the status bar of the connectors:

    • Different statuses for each connector have been replaced with an aggregating panel with several connectors in a specific group.
    • Connection status, connection settings button, and market data status indicators have been added to the drop-down menu.
    • All connector status icons have been replaced with a circle. The status bar of the connectors
  • Optimized selection of line colors on summary strategies charts:

    • The summary strategy is now always yellow.
    • Colors for lines of individual strategies are automatically selected from a predefined set, adopted for each color scheme.
  • The mechanism for adding a position to the position manager has been improved:

    • Added the ability to add positions to any area of ​​the position manager when dragging from the options board.
    • After adding a position, the strategy in which the position was added is activated in the interface.
  • Optimized the ease with which strategy charts can be rebuilt:

    • Removed the Apply Changes button.
    • For all changes, the graph is automatically rebuilt using Fit To View.
  • The header of the new version notification has been changed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error involving the notification of a new software version if the application runs without restarting.
  • Fixed an error with the button for setting custom strikes on the options board.
  • Fixed the logic of manually added fills deletion by the Clear Strategy button.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the creation of a strategy with the same name as a deleted one.
  • Fixed binding errors for new columns in the position table.
  • Fixed a bug involving the saving settings in Delta Hedger.