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October OptionWorkshop updates 🎃

Revamped the OptionWorkshop licensing system. Now the license is linked to authorization by login and password. Users will be able to work under the same license on multiple computers without having to request a second license from support.

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Option Workshop, version 18.8.1744

User parameters of volatility scew lines now can be marked as default to be used for all new charts. In the instrument tree it 's now possible to see instruments, which does not have options. Vertical line showing current price of an underlying asset added to the volatility scew chart.

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Option Workshop, version 18.6.1727

Main feature in this version is an ability to rotate market data subscriptions, so we can have a quasi-realtime quotes for as much instruments as we want. We also improved stability of the delta-hedger in "discrete by base asset price" regime.

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