February OptionWorkshop updates ⛄

Charm and Vanna charts, what-if scenarios cloning, caching market data to database, simplifying the program settings at the first launch after installation.


  • Showing a dialog for name editing when copying what-if scenarios (instead of adding the default suffix - "copy").
  • Added market data caching to a local database. This sets the stage for new functionality, which we are already working on.
  • Improved data caching: now, the data is pulled from the market date cache if there is no connection with real-time market data.
  • Added notification about trial license expiring.
  • Added Charm and Vanna to strategy parameters charts.
  • Improved the experience for first-time users:
    • removed old first-time setup wizard
    • upon the initial launch, the following now displays: a board of instruments with futures and equities, two option desks, a strategy chart, a positions table with randomly generated items
    • all types of connectors are added and preconfigured
  • Moved our web-service for math calculations to the client's side. Now, in the list of processes, you’ll also see two processes titled OptionWorkshop.Math.exe. This also sets the stage for new functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Error with freezing of the Price Range sliders on the strategy chart.
  • Authorization error in OW version 21.2.2226.
  • Failures of software updates system.
  • Error with placing orders in CQG as GTC. Now, orders are billed as DAY.
  • Error linking out-of-the-money options to instruments in the CQG system (not everything fixed here, some users are still reporting issues).
  • Error adding an icon to the desktop after installing or updating OW.
  • Error with a gray background when connecting IQFeed.
  • Reconnection errors with an expired license.
  • Error with rounding off the price range values.