March OptionWorkshop updates v21.3.2294 🌱

Performance optimization, strategy charts improvements, and a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements.


  • The Instruments board now supports custom sorting. You can drag & drop rows by holding the Alt key.
  • User-defined strategy chart zooming will be saved when switching between strategies with a bound chart window. The FitToView button resets zooming.
  • On startup, the OptionWorkshop loads all accounts/trades/positions from the local database. This process was quite slow for databases with a significant number of trades. We’ve optimized it, and now it is 4-5 times faster.
  • Pressing the Bind button on the strategy chart window triggers binding instantly.
  • The instrument tree is limited to the base asset node in the position manager when adding positions through the "+" button.
  • Renamed columns in the position manager:
    • Position type → P.T.
    • Vola → IV
    • Commission → Comis

Bug fixes addressed the following issues:

  • The toolbar in the volatility chart window was blinking and changing its size.
  • Dr.Web detected a virus in OW.Math.exe by mistake.
  • Update errors when changing the update channel.
  • Incorrect location of sliders in the Price range on the anchored strategy chart when switching between strategies.
  • Incorrect calculation of the price for the total strategy in the positions manager table.
  • Errors when loading market data from cache for expired instruments.
  • Delta hedger didn’t save the center of the hedging range if it (center) was set manually by a user.