Option Workshop, version 16.12.1329

In the new version we have unified the format of the options series codes. Now, the codes are displayed in a unified format for all elements in the interface.

Also we have made minor changes in the what-if scenarios functionality, exchange visibility configuration window and accounts visibility configuration window.

The description of these and other changes can be found in this article.

Instruments and exchanges

We have added quick selection buttons into the exchange visibility configuration window: Select all – select all exchanges with one click, None – clear selection.

Exchange visibility configuration window

Option series codes now use one format everywhere in the interface.

Option series codes

Also we have added the ability to include spaces in symbol mapping. When you configure option symbol mapping, you can now specify gaps (# symbol) in the templates. For example, the following symbols will be formed in the template AAPL {strike: format = #####}:

  • AAPL 12345;
  • AAPL 1234;
  • AAPL 123;
  • AAPL 12;
  • AAPL 1.


We have added a quick selection functionality into the accounts visibility configuration window: Select all – select all accounts, None – clear selection.

Accounts visibility configuration window


We have added a Remove all positions command into strategy’s context menu.

Strategy’s context menu

Option Workshop now automatically closes a strategy chart when the user deletes a strategy.

What-if scenarios

Previously what-if scenarios could be deleted only through the context menu. Now you can delete what-if scenarios by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

Also, what-if scenarios list is automatically sorted in alphabetical order.


  • An issue with table scrolling;
  • An issue with some instruments incorrectly marked as expired;
  • An error while displaying a notification window;
  • Issues with column presets;
  • An error while dragging chart axes;
  • Strategy copying now produces manual fills instead of adjustment ones;
  • Uninstall issues.