October OptionWorkshop updates 🎃

New features

  • Revamped the OptionWorkshop licensing system. Now the license is linked to authorization by login and password. Users will be able to work under the same license on multiple computers without having to request a second license from support.
  • Asset-specific what-if scenarios removed. You’ll get them back later, new and shiny.
  • Improved the ergonomics of price range control on the chart. There are now buttons that set a range, of a certain width, around the current price of the underlying asset.
  • Moved from SQLCE to SQLite database.
  • Made it possible to drag and drop an instrument into an empty positions table, without having to create a strategy in advance. “Add New Fill” form dialog will be shown.
  • Added current values of the corresponding Greeks to the graph’s activation buttons.

Bug fixes

  • Added an additional logging in critical code parts.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to draw strategy charts in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed errors in incremental positions parameters evaluation algorithms.
  • Fixed a bug that freezes IV charts.