November OptionWorkshop updates 🍂

We continue to stabilize existing functionality and meticulously, step by step, implement new, useful features with a single aim: to ease the life of options traders. Take a look at what we accomplished in November.

New features

  • Adapters list now has an edit button in each row.

    Transport settings

  • When any position in a strategy is modified, the chart's zoom (if any) will be automatically reset to the default state.

  • Complicated what-if scenarios, where user can set up IV for particular strikes are now back again.

  • Context menu with a list of spreads templates have a new item that invokes the templates manager window.

    Templates manager

  • Position row context menu now contains the Options desk item that invokes a desk of the corresponding series.

  • Positions table has a new column with realized P&L.

  • Status bar now contains more information about license.

    License link

    License settings

  • TeamViewer launch button has a blue color.

  • To delete a position, the user now has to confirm the operation.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a set of problems with launching software under some versions of Windows, including Win7 and some server builds.
  • Fixed an error that prevented users from opening the commissions setting window.
  • Fixed an error that prevented users from opening the log file.
  • Fixed an error that was breaking the strategy chart if some specific price range was selected.
  • Fixed the logic of P&L (C) and P&L (S) calculation.
  • Fixed several problems with manual changing of position price and quantity.
  • Fixed several problems with the process of position deletion.